Whitcomb's Cryptozoology Book

"I’ve encountered no eyewitness who described a fruit bat while calling it a pterosaur, and I have encountered many eyewitnesses, many indeed."

Copyright 2010 Jonathan David Whitcomb

Live Pterosaurs in America, Second Edition

Sketch by an eyewitness
By Jonathan David Whitcomb, the world's most experienced living-pterosaur cryptozoologist

This expanded edition has more eyewitness accounts

Chapter Eight:
The Bat Connection
Chapter Nine:
Belief in Live Pterosaurs
Chapter Three:
Other U.S. Sightings
"First, is it true that 'seeing is believing?' To the point, must we experience a thing personally before believing it exists? Human knowledge includes experiences acquired indirectly: We belief what we’re told, at least sometimes, otherwise we’d be hermits, each ignorant of everything except what each experiences directly, without need for language, without books."
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Live Pterosaurs in America
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"The world’s greatest expert on chickens—that’s a fox. The details of that expertise culminate in picking bones, executed differently than, but for the same purpose as, the work of a fossil expert: to make a living. The hope differs: The paleontologist searches for ancient bones somehow protected from the destructive forces of time; the fox, for fresh meat, somehow unprotected by the farmer for a time. Interminable dogmatism keeps both of them searching: one for death anciently; the other, death soon-to-be."
Jonathan Whitcomb interviewed more American eyewitnesses of living pterosaurs than any other cryptozoologist has.
The author, Jonathan Whitcomb
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