Cryptozoology Book Live Pterosaurs in America Summary and Contents of the Nonfiction Book Copyright 2011 Jonathan David Whitcomb What Readers of the First Two Editions Have Said About the Book “I found this book very interesting. . . . The problem  with science is that we think we know it all and that  is far from reality. This book shows courage to  continue the search. If you have an interest in  cryptozoology you should read this.” (by Dale S.  Reeder of PA - review of first edition)   “I couldn't put this book down. It is absolutely  fascinating to read about eyewitness accounts of  the people who have seen these creatures. To learn  about these testimonies from such an open minded  perspective is refreshing in the extreme! . . . I highly  recommend this book to anyone! People should  know the truth about what is going on. No one ever  hears anything about this unless they conduct  extremely specific internet searches, even then,  information is minimal. Jonathan Whitcomb needs  to write more books!” (by ”StrangeDream” - review  of the second edition)   Chapter One: South Carolina Sighting " . . . We had a group that would  often travel to Bingham . . . . There  was an old abandoned stretch of  railway leading into the swamp  where we would . . . see the  ‘Bingham Lights.’ No one knew what  they were . . ." Sighting in Orange County, California Sketch by Eyewitness Cryptozoology Book: Pterosaurs alive in many states: Texas, New Mexico, California, Washington state, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and several other states Chapter Two: California Sightings ". . . southeast of Fresno . . . two  featherless flying creatures with  wingspans of fifteen feet. . . . the two  'dragons' . . . broad heads, long bills,  and large eyes. . . . the 'monsters'  were held responsible for attacking  chickens, with 'many of the hens  being bitten in two and left partly  devoured.'"   Chapter Three: Other U.S. Sightings "Bowling Green, Kentucky. Today I  opened my back door . . . noticed a  large bird in the sky . . . I [saw] a tail  with a spade-like end; also the  wingspan was a lot larger than any  bird I have ever seen around here."   Chapter Seven: The Truth of Tall Tails “The combined descriptions convinced me  that those three had reported actual events;  it was no hoax-collaboration. But most  sightings are of long-tailed pterosaurs.”   Expanded Third Edition Near a Sighting Location  in Southern California Live Pterosaurs in America takes you into the lives of those who report encounters with living pterosaurs. The eyewitnesses themselves tell you of their shocking, sometimes frightening, sightings of strange flying creatures our culture teaches us should not be there: modern pterosaurs. Shocking indeed. Pure Cryptozoology Sketch drawn by Eskin C. Kuhn U. S. Marine NON-fiction The third edition of this nonfiction book has a new sighting report: Patty Carson’s sighting of the pterosaur at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba