The barn owl, Tyto Alba, found throughout the world, often lives close to humans. It is also known by the names Church Owl, White Owl, and Barnyard Owl. In Australia, it is sometimes called the Great Owl.

The barn owl, as its name implies, can nest in barns, but it is also known to nest in church steeples. Where such are not available, of course they can use trees.

The upper parts are light grey or light brown with many thin dark lines and scattered spots. The underside is white with only a few spots, if any. There is little or no coloring difference between male and female.

Tyto Alba eats mostly small rodents, but is not restricted to mice and rats. According to the book "The Min Min Light, the Visitor Who Never Arrives," some individual barn owls can glow, helping them to catch insects when rodents are scarce.
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