Ropen and
the Min Min
Tyto Alba
Min Min Light
Strange Birds
What is the difference between the ropen light and the Min Min light? Both are seen in the Southwest Pacific. Both are mysterious and without official scientific explanation.

The ropen light of Papua New Guinea (also called indava, duwas, seklo-bali, and wawanar) flies much higher and faster than the Min Min. When the ropen is seen to fly at low elevation, it is usually over a reef, presumably catching fish. No barn owl has been seen fishing over a reef. The ropen light usually moves in more of a straight line, but the Min Min often changes direction.

The most significant difference between the ropen and the Min Min, however, is when they are seen clearly, up close: The ropen is a long-tailed pterosaur-like creature, but the Min Min is a barn owl.
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