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Sketch by Eskin Kuhn
                                                                                                                             The ropen is a long-tailed pterosaur, a modern Rhamphorhynchoid type                                                                                             
Copyright 2016 Jonathan David Whitcomb
Sightings in the cryptozoology book Searching for Ropens and Finding God (fourth edition)
“I had an insight: Only one giant ropen lives  full-time in the interior of Umboi Island. That  is why there is only one ropen light seen at  one time and why it is seen only  occasionally, although that explanation for  the insight would become more clear a few  weeks later, when a native would tell  Guessman and Woetzel that the ropen is  seen as one light, never as two lights at the  same time.” (page 91) “An older woman, Batsima, wife of Ake  Stani, told Woetzel of an encounter the  Tarawe villagers had with the ropen. Peter  Ake interpreted. One night, about two years  earlier, the creature landed on a big tree on  the edge of the village. “Batsima: 'It was seen on the big tree . . .  behind the village.' “Woetzel: 'Did it land there?' “It landed there for awhile . . . the light was  illuminating the village and when the people  noticed it, after a couple of seconds, when  they came out . . . it started flying away . . .  from the trees, he moved down towards the  beach. “So his light was shining the whole time  while he was sitting there?   “While he was sitting on the tree. “Was it as bright as the moon? “Kind of like a bright lantern lamp but so  much more brighter. “The Tarawe Villagers saw no body shape,  only the bright ... light.” (page 104) “The eyewitness was reportedly visiting the  village of Yallapa, near Puerto Vallarta,  Mexico, where a dense jungle stretches  down to the coast. He said he observed, “a  huge black bird-like creature [coming] from  the more mountainous region . . . toward the  ocean . . . palm trees that were 40 to 50 feet  high looked very small [from that distance],  yet even though the creature was at the  same distance, it looked very big.” He  estimated the wingspan about equal to the  length of the taller of the palm trees, around  30-40 feet.” (page 163) Many other pterosaur sighting reports you’ll  find in the fourth edition of the cryptozoology book Searching for Ropens and Finding  God (nonfiction paperback available online)
“Hi, Jonathan [Whitcomb]. Thank you so  much for writing back to me, I wasn’t sure  you would. I do appreciate it.   “I live in a small town in northeast Georgia,  called Winder . . . (I was a little hesitant to . .  . mention being from Georgia because I  don’t want anyone to think uh-oh, has she  got Bigfoot in the freezer too?) . . .” [Comment from Whitcomb] “Fifteen miles of  her commute is on a two-lane 55-mph road  through woods alternating with pastures;  This part of Highway 82 has few houses and  almost no stop signs. I presume her  description of the country is typical of  northwest Georgia: dense pine forests with  some hardwood trees. “Commuting to work, she usually drives into  the morning sun, with the car visor down,  but it was unnecessary on August 27  [because of tropical storm Fay in the  summer of 2008]. She had driven less than  ten miles, just leaving an area of pasture,  entering an area of thick woods, around a  mild downhill curve, with high banks and  brush on each side of the road, when an  animal suddenly flew from the right, just  over the front of her car. Although alone, she yelled, ‘What the --- what --- what is that?’  She was stunned.   “She looked up at a 'very long' tail that had a strange shape at the end. . . .”
Wildlife sanctuary in Southern California
Sketches used by two Americans in an expedition (for questioning natives)
Compare the sketch of the ropen (bottom) with that of the Sordes pilosus  (long-tailed pterosaur)
Searching for Ropens and Finding God (nonfiction)
Sighting in the smaller book Live Pterosaurs in America  (third edition, another paperback)
Live Pterosaurs in America (3rd edition)