Pond in the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, near where a giant ropen-like creature flew in the summer of 2007, near the University of California at Irvine
About Us
Many persons have indirectly made possible this site; others, more directly (www.ropens.com). One or two may desire to be anonymous, for various reasons.
To report a sighting or offer support please use comment__ropens.com for email (putting the at-sign where the underline is), and be sure to include either the word “ropen” or “pterosaur” in subject area. The contact person is Jonathan D. Whitcomb, author of the books Searching for Ropens (second edition, 2007, nonfiction) and Live Pterosaurs in America (2009, nonfiction, cryptozoology).
To receive the Living Pterosaurs newsletter, use the same email but include the word “newsletter” in the subject area.
Another investigator that may be found online is Phillip O'Donnell.
Or you may also use this email:
If you know someone who has seen a living pterosaur, please let us know. Eyewitnesses interviews have proved essential to this work.
And anonymity is an option.
The Bible and Modern Pterosaurs
In general, those who have spent the most time on these living-pterosaur investigations are creationists. But the advancements or breakthroughs 
in these investigations do not force anyone to change their own religious beliefs. Believe in God, in the Bible, in the Creation, in the Flood of Noah, or disbelieve; the choice belongs to you.
But the creationists who have gone to great personal expense, exploring remote tropical wildernesses and, in one case, suffering malaria and a serious staph infection—these men do ask that you consider the case for living pterosaurs. Also, consider the case for a younger earth than is often assumed; consider how much more reasonable is Creation than Neo-Darwinism in a world of modern living pterosaurs.
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