Pterosaurs Alive
Long before the beginning of 2007, ropen investigators had become convinced that pterosaurs were alive in Papua New Guinea. But new investigations were shocking: Eyewitness reports indicated that similar creatures live in the United States, not just as temporary visiting creatures from tropical Central American but as permanent inhabitants of some of the 48 states.

Guessman, Woetzel, and several others began their observations in a secret location on the West Coast. Ropen-like flashes of light were observed where many bats flew regularly. This led Whitcomb to announce what investigators had suspected: In some areas of the United States, ropen-like creatures catch bats on the wing.

Two separate daylight sightings in the Western U.S. indicate that large featherless flying creatures (like long-tailed pterosaurs), although probably very rare, are at least somewhat like the ropen of Papua New Guinea. The locations of these sightings suggest that they may feed on bats and birds, unlike the ropen of Umboi Island which feeds on fish and/or giant clams.
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