Carl Baugh of Texas
In 1994, Carl Baugh began his investigation of reports of apparent living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea. Assisted by Paul Nation and missionary-pilot Jim Blume, he briefly interviewed natives on Umboi Island. About two years later, he and Blume observed a glowing form on the coast of Manus Island (also in Papua New Guinea).

On one of his expeditions, Baugh photographed what appeared to be an imprint, in the sand, where a large creature may have been sleeping.

Video footage that Paul Nation took, of Baugh's interviews with eyewitnesses in the 1990's, influenced the forensic videographer Jonathan Whitcomb to travel to Papua New Guinea, in 2004, to conduct more interviews. This led to the writing of the book "Searching for Ropens," which led to more investigations.
Baugh is the founder and director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. This museum is dedicated to the scientific evidence for creation.
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