Texan Pterosaur Eyewitnesses
Around 1983, between Pasadena and Houston, two young men saw something strange flying, but mostly gliding, about 50 feet high and 120 feet away. The creature was leathery and had a "long snake-like tail that terminated in a sort of flange or sail." The "pterodactyl" was about 5 feet long and "completely without feathers."
In early 1976, in Harlingen, Texas, two children saw what they at first assumed was a bird: five feet tall, standing on the ground. The bald-headed creature was dark and had a gorilla-like face except for its sharp, six-inch-long beak.
Not long after the children's sighting, in San Antonio, Texas, three elementary school teachers saw a pterosaur-like creature that they designated a "pterodactyl." It had "bony" wings (like a bat) and a wingspan of 15-20 feet.
In 1982, in Los Fresnos, Texas, an ambulance driver saw a large, dark, flying "birdlike object." The creature, with a wingspan of 5-6 feet, had a "rough texture" (instead of any feathers). After a bit of study, the man associated it with a picture of a pterosaur.

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