Results of Investigations Concerning Pterosaur Sightings In Papua New Guinea

Blur Functions and Atmospheric Turbulence

(Excerpts of original report are on the left; explanations by Whitcomb are on the right.)

Image Processing of Paul Nation Video


Blur functions have increased which may indicate atmospheric turbulence along the LOS. In addition to blur function generation as a function of the index of refraction of the atmosphere along the line-of-sight, the presence of transient rise in intensity as seen in Plate 26 plot removes the possibility of “cutting” and “pasting” external frames into the imagery. Dark zones indicate maximum intensity areas which are definitely sources one and two.

This image processing showed what seemed to be air turbulence between the camera and the two lights (as would be expected of authentic video footage). This Plate 26 shows that there was no cutting and pasting as in a hoax: The video is genuine.

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“Plate 26”

“Plate 26-C”