Results of Investigations Concerning Pterosaur Sightings In Papua New Guinea

Absence of Fire, Meteor, and Hoax

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Image Processing of Paul Nation Video


Plate 24 A shows in 2D neither combustion plumes (smoke) nor ionized wake trails from meteor, atmospheric penetration. Confirmation is further elaborated in the 3D representation of Plate 24 A in Plate 24 B. Some background emission is present in Plate 24 B’s bottom pixel area. This frame has been extracted at 10 seconds.  Conclusion: Neither fire nor vapor trails are present in the Paul Nation video.


The absence in these plates of pixel intensity blur does not insure the very low spatial frequency presence of combustion plumes or meteor ionization trails, however the frames do indicate a high probability of such absence.  Also apparent in Plate 24 B is the transient intensity increase at the base of the primary intensity spike. In this regard, Plate 28 B further establishes that an addition to the original frame has not taken place.  In effect no image-insertion “pasting” has occurred, and therefore the Paul Nation video is not a result of fabrication.


Peak intensity functions as a Gaussian bell curve distribution of intensity, as is expected in real physics emission physics.  Some distortion is apparent as would be expected as a result of electromagnetic propagation through a mildly turbulent atmosphere.  The water content in the air along with other variable gas concentrations along the line-of-sight (LOS) transmission results in the anisotropic distortion of the original signal.  Possible changes in index of refraction along the LOS may further contribute to initial source emission spatial frequency distributions.  In any case neither combustion nor vaporization trails may be considered present in the imagery.

Plate 24 shows an absence of both a combustion plume and an ionization trail. These two lights were not made by any fire; they were not made by any meteor. This in confirmed in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional image processing.


Mr. Paiva also found that Plate 24-B shows that no image-pasting hoax created the two lights. In other words, Paul Nation videotaped these two lights; they were not created separately and then inserted onto the background.

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