Preview of Nonfiction Book

"Live Pterosaurs in America" includes details on
the South Carolina sighting by Susan Wooten

By the author, Jonathan Whitcomb
(To be published about early June, 2009)
[excerpt from the first paragraph of chapter 1]
"Susan Wooten was driving east on Highway 20, to the town of Florence, on a clear mid-afternoon in the fall of about 1989 . . . Where the road is surrounded by woods and swamps, Susan saw something flying from her left, then passing in front of her . . . 'It swooped down over
the highway and back up gracefully over the pines,' but
its appearance was shocking: ' . . . as big as any car . . . NO feathers . . . like a humongous bat.'"
I noticed several things that gave credibility to this
eyewitness testimony. It is inconsistent with both a
hoax and with a hallucination or mental condition.
I interviewed Susan over a period of months, but the book includes many other sightings in the United States.
South Carolina Pterosaur Sighting
Between Columbia and Florence
Rhode Island Sighting
"I heard a loud whooshing noise moving in the air
. . . I saw a huge pterodactyl." (included in book)
San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, California
Report of a ropen sighting
Live Pterosaurs in America
The book by Whitcomb
(to be published in 2009)
El Ropen
[French language (Francais)]
"Le 'ropen' est un cryptid de Papúa la Nouvelle-Guinée. Certains chercheurs croient que c'est une pterosaur."
Der Ropen, Papua-Neuguinea
[German language (Deutsche)]
"Die kritik der Idee, dass pterosaurs lebendig sind - Antworten"
A 'ropen' a Pápua Új-Guinea
[Hungarian language]
[Magyar nyelv]
"A kritika az ötlet, hogy pterosaurs él - Válaszok"