More About Living Pterosaurs

Press Releases (news reports) on Living Dinosaurs and Living Pterosaurs

    Cryptozoology involves searching for elusive creatures unclassified by Western science. . . .
    Consider these news releases on living dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

Theories and Philosophies Related to Living Pterosaurs

    Scientific theories are based on philosophical axioms, cultural points of view. The basic axiom underlying
    all science is that there are predictable events under specific conditions . . . The "Live Pterosaur" approach
    involves comparing divergent points of view . . .

Early Expeditions in Papua New Guinea, 1994-1996

    While traveling through the South Pacific, Carl Baugh, founder and director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas,
    heard reports of pterosaur-like creatures in Papua New Guinea. There he found Jim Blume, a missionary with much experience talking
    with natives about the large flying creatures. . . . The large but skinny creature took the body out of the grave after the mourners
    had fallen asleep. . . . his father was robbed of the fish left over the campfire while the men slept. . . . . the creature they believed
    was responsible was “duwas” (called, on Umboi, “ropen”). . . . the ropen held itself upright on a tree trunk, very unlike the byung
    (the Flying Fox fruit bat). . .

Quotations from the book Searching for Ropens

    About the ropen, believe what you will; what do I think about this creature? Such is the power of the testimonies of the eyewitnesses
    I’ve encountered, that it’s as real to me, almost, as if I had stared it in the face. . . .

Pterosaurs Still Living

    Throughout human history come fascinating reports . . . From “fiery flying serpents” of the Bible . . . to strange flying creatures in England

Eyewitnesses of large featherless flying creatures

    Most sightings are of a creature with a long tail and no sign of feathers. . . . Two Australians saw a giant reptilian animal flying over Perth

Umboi Official Sees Ropen Light

    Bioluminescent flying creature seen by Steven Cottingham near Lab Lab.

Credibility of the Umboi Island eyewitnesses

    [They] claim to have seen a giant ropen and describe it in terms suggesting a pterosaur

Are Dragons Pterosaurs?

    . . . there is a native tradition (around some small islands in Papua New Guinea) about a dragon they call "wawanar."

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