Jonathan and Gladys

Jonathan and Gladys
Thirty years ago
Our marriage of thirty years

About us

We are delighted to have been married for three decades. But we do not judge those who have not, for whatever reasons, enjoyed the blessings that we have. We are sorry at the pains that many persons have endured; life has difficult hardships as a matter of course. But we know from experience that joy and satisfaction can exist in a husband-wife relationship. True marriage can work and it can work wonderfully well.

If you have not enjoyed companionship that you have longed for, please make it a matter of prayer. We know that prayer can work miracles, regardless of temporary hardships.
Enduring marriage with joy
The joy that we've experienced in our marriage did not come from a lack of problems; we've had our share. When we met, thirty years ago, we did not speak the same language: Gladys spoke only Spanish; Jonathan, only English. But we committed to each other that we would speak the same language, studying each other's native tongue until, a year or so later, we could communicate in English (Gladys learned faster than Jonathan). Working on communication is worth it.