Marriage: Between a Man and a Woman

The principle is timeless: Marriage is between a husband and a wife.
The relationship between husband and wife is ordained of God: the right the way.
Traditional marriage: for the preservation of human life

Introduction to real marriage

With recent attempts, by a small minority in the United States, to change the meaning of the word "marriage," consider the basics. What is "real marriage?" The formal union of a man and a woman defines real marriage. The principle purpose of this permament relationship relates to the natural result of normal sexual union: the continuation of human life.
Our philosophy about marriage
The word "marriage" has always been defined as a husband-wife relationship; so-called "homosexual" unions have never been included in this definition. Regardless of what laws (or lack of laws) relate to this, the word "marriage" should be reserved for the formal union of a man and a woman: traditional marriage.