Creationist Books
Books that seem to be recommended
by the Answers-in-Genesis site:
The Biotic Message
by Walter ReMine        Publisher: St. Paul Science
Pages: 538                  Ages: 18 & up
"This book scientifically fights evolutionists on their terms, on their issues, using their testimony, and their ground rules. It dismantles many evolutionary illusions . . ."
Dinosaurs by Design
by Duane T. Gish        Mostly for children, probably
Intelligent Design: The Bridge between Science and Theology
by William A. Dembski, InterVarsity Press
"In  Intelligent Design, Dembski has reviewed many of the earlier ideas in The Design Inference in less technical detail, and added new thoughts and explanations of much relevance to the evolution vs creation debate."
Men of Science Men of God
by Henry M. Morris   (Excerpt from the creationist book)
"Many other prominent scientists of the 16th and 17th centuries . . . were at least intellectually committed to the Scriptures and to Christ, as well as to a belief in special creation. Even though Galileo (15641642), for example, was officially censured for his heliocentric teachings by the Church, he himself believed the Bible and that it supported his views. . . . Robert Hooke . . . William Harvey . . ."
Books on Creationism
Book on Live Pterosaurs
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Searching for Ropens - nonfiction book
Living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea (by J. Whitcomb)
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