Child Care Cleanliness
Teaching Kids Cleanliness
Have you made your child cleanliness-conscious? Think of cleanliness as a habit of keeping clean. Who would enjoy encountering an unflushed toilet? Who would enjoy finding that someone had spit on a floor? We need to teach children to be clean.
Long Beach Child Care, by Gladys Whitcomb, near the city of Lakewood, California. Whitcomb Family Daycare sponsors this page
on child care cleanliness.
Disease Control
Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)
Information on Influenza A:H1N1 (swine flu)
Child Care Clean and Safe
" . . . the child care home can be made clean enough that disease organisms do not multiply . . ."
Three-Year-Old Child Development
"Some three-year-olds do well with potty-
training, although bed-wetting (while in
sleep) is common."
Preschool in Long Beach
Whitcomb Family Daycare is not an institutional preschool center but an established family child care home, licensed by the state of California . . .
Child Care Safety
Three factors . . . in safety in child care: The surroundings . . . practices of the child care providers, and the behavior of the children.
Child Care Safety and Health
In Whitcomb Family Daycare, cleanliness is a high priority. With frequent hand washing (child care providers and children), disease germs have a really hard time
Child Care Pre-School For Lakewood
"Just as a garden needs tender nurturing, a young child needs to be nurtured in tenderness, in preparation for kindergarten."
Jan 6, 2010