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Featured Book: Beat That Kid in Chess - For the Early Beginner to Win
Written especially for the raw beginner, the chess player who knows the rules of the game but not much about how to win, Beat That Kid in Chess is ideal for the novice. It uses the new teaching method for the royal game: nearly- identical positions (NIP), to help the beginner see the tactics in a natural way. This could be the perfect gift for the person who knows how to move the pieces but not much else about winning a chess game; or this book may be perfect for you.
From numerous studies, chess playing has been found to be beneficial for children in school
Regardless of your age, or the age of your opponent, this chess book may be the best one to help you win at the royal game. Winning is emphasized here. From the Amazon page for Beat That Kid in Chess: “This chess book is balanced in depth and breadth, with lessons on how to checkmate your opponent, gain a material advantage over another beginner, promote a pawn to a queen, pin one of your opponent's pieces, make a knight fork, avoid becoming checkmated, and much more. It emphasizes what a beginner most needs to know and understand, as soon as possible.” Perhaps never before has a chess book been written (for the beginner) with such concentration on preparing the novice player to win a chess game, for this may be the first publication of its kind to use the new teaching method of nearly-identical positions in tactical training.