South Carolina Sighting

“I live in South Carolina and saw it when driving down the highway traveling from Greenville to Florence.  I was in college at the time. . . . it was about 3 pm and the thing flew over the highway in a remote area. . . . a lot of woods and was after columbia and before Florence. . . .  It looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret, but like a humongous bat. . . . Big thing coming out of its forehead . . .”


Question: “How many feet above the highway was it?”


Answer: “probably 20 ft or so. It started out above pine treetops and swooped lower between and up again to fly up above treetops on other side. It came from the left towards me . . . over median, and over me, then up over treetops on my side, to the right.”

Question: “Were you alone?”


Answer: “was alone in my car.  And was following a girl from my hometown that lived in same dorm...she's a bit dingy, and missed the whole thing, and kept driving, so after stopping, I had to proceed to catch up with her. (or she wouldn't have been able to find me if I had stopped to talk to anyone—which I tried to do, cause people did stop in the opposite lane, but I couldn't wait to speak to them because of her.)”



Question: “What was the approximate distance from wingtip to wingtip?”


Answer: “my best guess is 12- 15 ft.”

Interview of Susan Wooten, who saw an apparent

pterosaur over a remote highway in South Carolina

(The “pterodactyl” sighting was around 1988-1989)

“definitely no feathers—this thing was not only huge but was practically on top of me—maybe 20 ft? above & 25 ft? in front of me . . .”


This is just one example of sightings in the United States: sightings of living pterosaurs, also known as American ropens.