Beliefs of the living-pterosaur hunters

What do these cryptozoologists believe?

My associates and I have explored in only a tiny fraction of
the tropical wilderness of Papua New Guinea. Paul Nation, David Woetzel, and Garth Guessman believe, as I do, that pterosaurs live in this and other parts of the world; many eyewitnesses have convinced us.

But what about our deeper beliefs? What caused us to be
dedicated to revealing to the world that pterosaurs live?
We are not in it for money; we are dedicated to scripture:
the Biblical account of creation and the Flood of Noah. We
are not in it for any pleasure in discrediting the philosophy
of Charles Darwin; we are dedicated to crediting God, the
Old Testament and New Testament God, for the existence
of life. God, not natural selection, created life, and that
act of creating life is revealed, however briefly, in the
book of Genesis. Read it: Those first few verses have
nothing to do with the evolution of microbes into what
became a human body; microbes distincly have other
responsibilities (shown in repeatable and in observable scientific investigations). Humans, distinctly created,
have a different, a higher purpose.

A philosophy (like Darwin's Common Ancestry) cannot be scientifically proven or disproven, but many scientists will realize that living pterosaurs discredit the scientific side
of the General Theory of Evolution. When live pterosaurs have, at last, been photographed and observed adequately, when their habits and habitats have become understood,
then many generations of propoganda (or at least virtual propaganda) will become peeled away. But that peeling
away of the dogmatic assertion of universal extinction
("millions of years ago") will attract attention to itself. It
is the noise of the peeling that will reveal the dogma. It
was Darwin himself who first revealed that "living fossils" were unexpected under his idea of common ancestry, that
idea that all presently living organisms have one ancestor.
Consider it: The discovery of each "living fossil" discredits
the scientific side of the General Theory of Evolution. The
living coelacanth and the living pterosaur---each discredits Common Ancestry. But in rejecting Darwin's acid atheistic philosophy, we should hold onto the scientific points to his credit, including the point that "living fossils" do discredit Common Ancestry.
Jonathan Whitcomb
What do I believe?
 By Jonathan D. Whitcomb
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