Beliefs of the living-pterosaur hunters

What do I believe?

Defenders of Darwin (evolutionists) often reject me for being a Young Earth Creationist; but defenders of a young earth (creationists) sometimes question me for not promoting a young earth. Both sides, I believe, are founded in some valid points, regardless of conclusions. But rejecting my words by ridiculing my intelligence, or questioning my loyalty to the common creationist orthodoxy---they both reveal passionate promotion of philosophies more than dispassionate analysis
of the divergent points of view. Consider my defense, then judge for yourself.

Like most active investigators of reports of living pterosaurs,
I promote the axiom of Biblical creationism. We defend both
the Genesis account of creation and the worldwide Flood. We believe in the God of Biblical miracles and in a recent life on earth, devoid of molecules-to-man evolution (GTE). But I believe that God has revealed truth in more scriptures than the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament. One of those non-Biblical scriptures reveals that the "temporal" lifetime of this earth is seven thousand years (I believe this includes the one thousand years of peace, the Millenium). Thus, with my creationist associates, I am subject to attack from defenders of the General Theory of Evolution, for they attack the idea that life on earth may be only about six thousand years old.

Like my Young-Earth-Creationist associates, I believe in the
saving grace of Jesus Christ. I believe in his willing sacrifice that made possible his Resurrection and our salvation. The
coming of the Lord to this earth, however, I believe to be
what makes this planet unique in the universe. (Nothing in
the Bible suggests God never places life anywhere else; after all, we who are his handiwork have placed life on the moon.) But why was this planet chosen for the birthplace of the Lord of all worlds, glorious worlds beyond human counting? Perhaps that question is best answered by Christ himself: If he had performed miracles in wicked cities of an earlier generation, the wicked people would have repented and believed in him.

That's what he said. And perhaps there is no other world in
the universe that would have first rejected miracles, healing saving miracles, and then unjustly, mercilessly condemned to death the God of justice and mercy.
I believe in the Book of Moses account of creation: God answered Moses' request for knowledge about the universe; but that answer was specifically about the creation of this
earth (and the view of the heavens from this earth), not
about the creation of the universe. In other words, the first part of Genesis tells us about the beginning of this earth and the appearance of the sun, moon, and stars from the point of view of this earth; it tells us nothing about galaxies and other planetary systems or when other worlds were created.

By the grace of God, my associates and I are protected and assisted. And, strange as our crytozoological quest may appear, we hope that the discovery of living pterosaurs will awaken some slumbering souls who will discover that the God who saved species of dumb animals in the Ark can also save dumb humans in a wicked world. But we need God to lead us. 
Jonathan Whitcomb
on Umboi Island
 By Jonathan D. Whitcomb
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Paul Nation of Texas
. . . he finally videotaped . . . two lights on the top of a nearby ridge . . . glowing
a little longer than the five-to-six-second glow of the Umboi Island ropen.
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The men soon realized that
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